Cypherleak Modules

In order to give customers a comprehensive overview of a hacker’s perspective, we decided to automate the collection of key information that hackers map before attempting to exploit an organisation

Risk Score

Cybersecurity ratings are as important as credit ratings when assessing the cyber risk of existing and new business relationships, and are the cornerstone for Insurers when issuing cyber-insurance policies.

Traditional questionnaires and self-assessments can be time-consuming. They also give an incomplete, point-in-time view of cyber risk that is often subjective and quickly outdated.

With Cypher Score, you get a risk rating compiled from multiple data points such as leaked corporate emails, dark web exposure, attack surface size and vulnerabilities affecting the customer’s digital infrastructure. We use the world’s largest commercial databases for leaked corporate data, best in class sizing tools and the most advanced vulnerability scanners in order for our rating to be automated and exhaustive and beyond anything competitors can offer