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Are you working on an exciting cybersecurity project and want to take it to the next level? Project Cypher incubates passion projects in cybersecurity by investing in their further development and commercialization.

Products that matter

Cypherleak is the result of a decade of Cybersecurity experience

Our team’s 10+ years of experience in vulnerability assessment, penetration testing and red teaming led to the development of Cypherleak.

We are automating various aspects of threat intelligence, information gathering and reconnaissance in order to give customers a one-click view of what information hackers can access to exploit them


Automates the collection of leaked corporate credentials that can be used for exploitation

Map & Test

Automates the mapping of the attack surface and the identification of vulnerabilities

About Project Cypher

Cypherleak is a product developed by Project Cypher, a multinational cybersecurity company based in Dubai, London and Rabat. Project Cypher offers an array of traditional cybersecurity services (Penetration Testing, Training, Red Teaming) alongside operating an R&D center in-house tasked with developing cutting edge cybersecurity products. 

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