Cypherleak Modules

In order to give customers a comprehensive overview of a hacker’s perspective, we decided to automate the collection of key information that hackers map before attempting to exploit an organisation

Dark Web Data Leakage

Navigating the darknet can be tricky, risky, cumbersome and time consuming.

Accessing the darknet directly requires you to download and utilize a number of specific technologies and precautionary tools (such as Tor and VPNs).

Darknet sites are transient, with the average site coming up and down within 48 hours.

Threat intelligence teams spend copious amounts of time tracking down darknet pages via directory sites, as there is no search engine for the darknet itself. Darknet sites are unpredictable and hard to keep track of, making effective use of the darknet as part of your information security program a difficult challenge.

With our module, users can browse, monitor, and search near real-time content from darknet pages – without having to go onto darknets like Tor directly.

Compromised data on the darknet is often uploaded and deleted within a few days. With Cypherleak’s database, organizations have the ability to look at past data posted to the darknet but since removed.

Competitors only can search as of a specific date while Cypherleak’s module can go back for years. We automatically and continuously crawl the internet and darknet, extracting and indexing millions of pages daily to create the largest searchable database of darknet content.