Cypherleak Modules

In order to give customers a comprehensive overview of a hacker’s perspective, we decided to automate the collection of key information that hackers map before attempting to exploit an organisation

Vulnerability Scanner

After helping you get more visibility of your attack surface and finding out what internet-facing assets you have, our comprehensive vulnerability scanner identifies vulnerabilities and anomalies, and tells you where you should focus your attention first, and how to fix any vulnerabilities and risks.

Our scanner is used to send requests across targets based on templates leading to zero false positives and providing fast scanning on large number of hosts. We offer scanning for a variety of protocols including TCP, DNS, HTTP, File, etc. With powerful and flexible templating, all kinds of security checks are automatically modelled with our engine.

We have a dedicated repository that houses various type of vulnerability templates contributed by more than 200 security researchers and engineers based on the latest exploits and threats.